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The Summer SchoolCatalysis: from understanding to applications” will take place in Albi from June 18 to 21, 2019.

Registration is now open.


Catalysis in Toulouse (C@T) is a network constituted by labs (CIRIMAT, LCC, LGC, LHFA, LISBP, LPCNO, RAPSODEE) placed on the Toulouse region working in the field of Catalysis: homogeneous, heterogeneous, nano-catalysis, biocatalysis … including modelling approaches and chemical engineering.

The twenty teams that form the consortium C@T have the vocation to give visibility to the activities developed in Catalysis in Toulouse, to strengthen the links between the teams in Toulouse, to promote the organization of different types of events (Specialized one-day meetings, Conferences, Thematic Schools…)