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Laboratoire de Chimie de Coordination (LCC)

Metals in Biology and Medicinal Chemistry
Keywords: Porphyrins, oxidation, homogeneous catalysis
Contact: Geneviève Pratviel

Early Transition Metals
Keywords: Mechanistic Studies, hydroamination, oligomerization, activation CH and CF, metals of groups 2-6
Contact: Michel Etienne

Biological Chemistry
Keywords: Peptide synthesis; aggregation of biomolecules; supported bio catalysis; photoredox catalysis; coupling reactions
Contact: Emmanuel Gras, Christelle Hureau and Beatrice Mestre

Dendrimers and Heterochemistry
Keywords: Dendrimers – Supported homogeneous catalysis – Organometallic catalysis – Organic catalysis – Nanocatalyst recycling
Contact: Anne-Marie Caminade

Carbo-meric Molecules and Chiral Catalysts
Keywords: CH-oxidative amination, electrostatic effects, chiral ligands, phospho-carbon ligands, metathesis of alkynes
Contact: Valérie Maraval and Remi Chauvin

Molecular Design of Transition-Metal Pre-Catalysts
Keywords: Carbenes – Homogeneous catalysis – Heterocycles – Chirality – Pincer ligands
Contact: Noël Lugan

Ligands, Complex Architectures and Catalysis
Keywords: Chiral ligands – Enantioselective catalysis – Green Chemsitry – Catalytic nanoreactors – Controlled radical polymerisation
Contact: Eric Manoury and Rinaldo Poli

Engineering of Metal Nanoparticles
Keywords: Nanoparticles – Nanomaterials – Photosensitive complexes – Nanocatalysis – H2 production
Contact: Karine Philippot

Organometallic Architecture and Catalysis
Keywords: Homogeneous catalysis – H2 – Borane – Silane – CO2
Contact: Mary Grellier, Sébastien Bontemps and Sylviane Sabo-Etienne

Catalysis and Fine Chemicals
Keywords: Nanocatalysis – Supported homogeneous catalysis – Homogeneous catalysis – Carbon-based nanostructures – Hydrogenation
Contact: Maryse Gouygou and Philippe Serp

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