Catalyse et procédés d’ingénierie ?>

Catalyse et procédés d’ingénierie


Catalytic membrane reactor for Suzuki-Miyaura C- C cross-coupling: Explanation for its high efficiency via modeling
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Un procédé catalytique pour une production industrielle de nanotubes de carbone – Genèse et perspectives d’évolution vers le graphène
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Real time monitoring of the quiescent suspension polymerization of vinyl chloride in microreactors – Part 2. A kinetic study by Raman spectroscopy and evolution of droplet size
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Modelling and simulations of a Monolith Reactor for three-phase hydrogenation reactions – Rules and recommendations for mass transfer analyis
F. Duran-Martinez, C.  Julcour-Lebigue, A.-M. Billet, F. Larachi
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2016, 273,121–130


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Amphiphilic core-cross-linked micelles functionalized with bis(4-methoxyphenyl)phenylphosphine as catalytic nanoreactors for biphasic hydroformylation
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